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Martin set to DJ in Berlin
November 5th, 2004
Martin will be DJ'ing at "Cookies", in Berlin, Germany. Also on the bill are Miss Kitten, Gudrun Gut and Thomas Fehlmann (performing live). The event will be on November 8th, at 11pm. Sadly, it is an "invite-only" event. There will be no general admission.
Martin & Gwen
September 1st, 2004
Gwen Stefani (of No Doubt) is currently finishing up her first solo project. Martin contributed some guitar work to one of the songs, which has the working title of "It's A Wonderful Life". There is no word if this title will stay with the song, or if Martin's work will stay on the project. Stay tuned...
Martin set to DJ in London
August 12th, 2004
As originally announced by "Client A" on the Toast Hawaii message board, Martin is tentatively set to DJ at the next "Being Boiled" night at the Notting Hill Arts Center in London, on Tuesday, August 17th.
Be sure to check the Notting Hill Arts Center site for directions.
Send Martin A Birthday Wish!
July 22nd, 2004
Martin's birthday is tomorrow (July 23rd), but we are starting the celebration a bit early. Send Martin a birthday greeting! This is a limited time thing, so don't wait! This form will disappear on July 24th, at midnight (Pacific Time).
Simply enter data in the form below, and your birthday wish will be sent to Martin.
July 25th update: - Thanks to everyone for submitting birthday wishes to Martin!
Martin Collaborates with Client
June 15th, 2004
When Fletch was visiting Martin in March, he played Martin some Client demos. Martin particularly liked a track called "Overdrive", and ended up singing some backing vocals on it. Fletch was particularly struck by how well Martin' voice went with Sarah's. "Overdrive" will feature on Client's next album, entitled "City", due for release on the 6th of September.
Look for sound samples closed to the release date.
Martin Collaborates with Claudia Brücken and Paul Humphreys
June 10th, 2004
Claudia Brücken (Propaganda / Act) and Paul Humphreys (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark) have joined up as "Onetwo", and are releasing a five track e.p. entitled "Item" on June 28th, 2004.
Released on their own "THERE(there)" imprint, the single is being released (initially) exclusively through eBay.
One of the five tracks is entitled "Cloud Nine". Martin co-wrote the song with Claudia, and also plays guitar on the track.
Click here to hear a sound sample of "Cloud Nine". To read more on the project, and hear additional sound samples, head on over to the übersonik web site.
Martin DJ Set
April 18th, 2003 (updated May 21st, 2004)
Sunday night, on April 20th (2003), Martin was guest DJ for one hour on XFM's "The HiJack". We have highlights of the set here (MP3). Due to copyright limitations, we can not feature the songs, but you can still hear Martin.
FCC Crackdown
March 31st, 2004 (updated April 1st, 2004)
Due to some people not taking the time to read the text under this "news" feature, we will stress again that this was an APRIL FOOLS DAY prank.
Due to the recent breast-baring incident by Janet Jackson, and Bono's use of a vulgarity on the CBS network, the FCC have now gone to the next step in securing the airwaves from indecent material. The FCC have now started a serious retroactive crackdown on indecent lyrics. Unfortunately, Depeche Mode are one of the first bands to be victims of this. A number of tunes, including fan favorites such as "Personal Jesus", "Sea Of Sin" and "I Want You Now" (all written by Martin L. Gore) have effectively been banned from U.S. airwaves.
Martin could not be reached for comment. When we have more details on this, we will spread the news.
April 1st update: APRIL FOOLS! The story above is a joke. Thanks to all the fans (and radio stations) for their emails regarding this prank.
Holiday Greeting
December 24th, 2003
Martin, along with Dave and Fletch, have recorded a special Holiday Greeting.
Click the links below to view the clip (available over at the depeche mode dot com archives):
Low Bandwidth | High Bandwidth
Loverman EP²+ NTSC DVD / e card
November 18th, 2003
MuteBank is offering North American fans (and others in the NTSC color system) the chance to own the "Loverman EP²+"! Go to the MuteBank to purchase the NTSC version of the DVD/CD single now!
Mute UK has sent over an e-card for the "Loverman EP²+" release. Go view it now.
Loverman EP²+ Press Release
September 29th, 2003
Read the "Loverman EP²+" announcement Press Release.
Señor Coconut Remix
September 29th, 2003
senor_coconut_100.jpgAfter Martin completed his "A Night With Martin L. Gore" showcase shows, he found some time to do a remix for Señor Coconut (a.k.a. Atom Heart, who did a remix of "Zenstation", the b-side to the Depeche Mode single "Freelove"). Martin, along with Andrew Phillpott, remixed the Señor Coconut cover song, "Smooth Operator" (originally performed by Sade).
Multicolor Recordings has a Flash based sound sample up of the remix (click the word "play" when the window loads).
The single release date is September 29th. The full press release can be found on Señor Coconut's record label web site.
Counterfeit² Contest
May 5th, 2003 (updated May 20th)
How would you like to win one of twenty five autographed copies of the new "Counterfeit²" CD?
Simply fill out the form below, answer the trivia question, and enter to win!
NOTE: The contest has ended. The winners will be notified within the next 72 hours via email.
Martin DJ Spot
April 18th, 2003
Sunday night, on April 20th, Martin will spin a one-hour DJ set on XFM's "The HiJack". We have highlights of the set here (MP3). Due to copyright limitations, we can not feature the songs, but you can still hear Martin.
Press Release
March 21st, 2003
Read the "A Night With Martin L. Gore" announcement Press Release (UK version).
Press Release
February 26th, 2003
Read the "Stardust" announcement Press Release (UK version).
Press Release
February 10th, 2003
Read the "Counterfeit²" short biography Press Release (US version).
Press Release
February 10th, 2003
Read the "Counterfeit²" short biography Press Release (UK version).
Press Release
February 7th, 2003
Read the "Counterfeit²" announcement Press Release.
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